Our mission is to fight the root causes of poverty, in Africa and the Middle East, by supporting projects focusing on four core areas of work.



Community development


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We believe that, together, Health, Education, Community development and the Environment are essential to sustainable development. Our projects take a holistic approach and are anchored in local communities ensuring that actions are relevant and viable for the long-term.

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Improved access to quality books

The three-year project aims to provide an improved access to quality books in the French language for school students from the most vulnerable governorates in Tunisia.


Community Development / Education
Sustainable community development

This new project builds on the incredible transformation of two communities supported in 2015. The project aims to implement, in two new communities of the Kisauni district, the Haller Approach, a four-stage holistic model that enables vulnerable communities to restore their soils, build capacity, achieve economic security and improve the environment.


An education and empowerment center

The project aims to provide non-formal education to Syrian refugee children in Arsal.


Health / Education
Sustainable development of two rural communities

The project aims to sustainably improve the health, nutrition and livelihoods of two rural communities using eclimate smart technology. CREATE! will use culturally and environmentally adapted methods and further expand its proven model of integrated community development.


Education / Health
Innovative capacity building for frontline healthcare workers

The project led with The Addis Clinic aims to use telemedicine in rural Kenya in order to offer a practical solution to the critical shortage of skilled health workers and bring quality medical care to those with little or no healthcare access.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Education / Health
An organic school farm

The project aims to provide the Amida school with an organic school farm and gardens, which will also grow medicinal plants, improving students and teachers’ nutrition, attendance, academic results and prevent malaria.


In numbers

We have been supporting projects run by non-profit organisations since 1996, with the aim of helping poor communities in Africa and the Middle East to sustainably rise out of poverty.

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The Foundation accepts proposals at all times of the year. Selected projects are submitted to the Foundation’s Board, which meets 4 times per year. We thank you for your interest in the Foundation and invite you to submit your request.

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