Our mission

Our mission is to fight the root causes of poverty in Africa and the Middle East, by supporting projects focused on four core areas:
  • Health
  • Education
  • Community development, and
  • The Environment.

We believe that, together, Health, Education, Community development and the Environment are essential to sustainable development.


  • Health: the cornerstone of human development and activity, essential to our capacity to learn and to look after ourselves and others. It includes access to proper healthcare as well as good health and hygiene practices.
  • Education: the ability to read and write, the acquisition of a minimum education and practical professional skills, as the building blocks to apprehend the world, generate an income, innovate and create our own future.
    We are convinced that health AND education are essential to a sustainable rise out of poverty.
  • Community development: a broad expression of the skills, organisation and activities that enable a community to be self-sustaining. It includes food security, income-generating activities, sanitation, power generation and much more.
  • Environment: a cross-cutting area that the Foundation considers from the start in all projects. Human development is only sustainable if it respects and protects its natural environment.