Addressing the root causes of poverty

The community-based project aims to alleviate the primary causes of poverty affecting 70 women, their husbands/partners and 280 children, through holistic health and education interventions. The project includes developing income-generating activities; providing literacy and numeracy classes; increasing access to employment; and providing the women with education on women’s and children’s rights, sexual and gender-based violence, as well as family law. Additional and separate training will be provided to their husbands and partners on women’s rights, sexual and domestic violence.


The NGO:
Aspire Rwanda is a registered NGO founded in 2009 by Peace Ruzage. Aspire Rwanda is dedicated to equipping vulnerable women living in extreme poverty with knowledge, skills, and mutual support networks, enabling them to lift themselves out of poverty. Network for Africa is a UK charity founded in 2007 that helps communities destroyed by war and genocide to rebuild. It supports Aspire in fundraising, administrative and reporting matters.


January 2015 - December 2017


With whom
Aspire Rwanda



11 December 2014
Three new projects approved in September 2014

The Addax and Oryx Foundation granted funding to three new projects at its September Board meeting.

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