Access to water and sanitation
for nursery schools

The project aims to provide eight Childhood Based Community Centres (CBCCs) in Blantyre district with safe water and improved sanitation, and to promote appropriate hygiene behaviours, in order to improve health in under-fives and the surrounding communities. It will also complement an existing feeding program. Specific activities include water point and latrine construction, changing hygiene behaviour at school and in the local communities. Kitchen gardens will also be established at the CBCCs, coupled with a special focus on the nutrition and health of pregnant women. Training for self-supply entrepreneurs (mechanics, pump manufacturers and well diggers) will be integrated into the project to provide the services that ensure the long-term sustainability of water and sanitation equipment. Pump Aid will also facilitate links between CBCCs and primary schools to facilitate the transition from one to the other.


The NGO:
Pump Aid is a UK registered charity founded in 1998 that works with communities in Malawi to provide access to clean water. It aims to transform the lives of people, helping them to reach a point of self-reliance.


October 2016 – September 2018

Blantyre district

With whom
Pump Aid