Drinking water for sixteen villages

The project aims to provide clean drinking water to 16 remote villages of the remote Amoron’ny Mania region in Madagascar, thanks to the implementation of a water chlorination method called Watalys. The project also includes introducing hygiene best practices regarding water consumption, treatment and storage. The final objective is to reduce the prevalence of water-related diseases in the region, by at least 50%. Maintenance costs (renewal of small equipment) will be covered by a modest financial contribution paid by the users and also by the Ministry of Health.


The NGO:
J'aime Madagascar (formerly TIM-SFV) is a Swiss association founded in 2002 in Geneva. It aims to promote access to safe drinking water in rural areas through the provision of an apparatus for water chlorination: Watalys. The apparatus operates with a car battery or a solar panel and renders drinkable up to 4,000 litres of water per hour. The program includes training local populations to make them self-sufficient in their water management.


1 March 2016 – 28 February 2018

Amoron’ny Mania region

With whom
J'aime Madagascar (formerly TIM-SFV)



25 January 2016
Two new projects validated in December 2015


The Addax and Oryx Foundation granted funding for two new projects at its December Board meeting.

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