Country infoKenya

Population: 43.18 million (2012)
Per Capita Income: USD 840/year (2012)
Poverty rate*: 46% (2005)
Literacy rate: 87% (2010)
Human Development Index: Index: 145th out of 187 countries (2012)


Kenya’s macro-economic conditions have progressed over the past decade, improving the welfare of its population. Kenya is on track to reach two of eight Millennium Development Goals, if progress continues. The poor remain vulnerable to drought and other crises. Rural and urban poverty remain a challenge. Even though national absolute poverty has declined overall, it is still high compared with neighbouring countries. Primary school enrolment has reached 100%. Access to household services such as electricity, improved drinking water and sanitation has steadily increased, even though coverage remains low (23, 47 and 33% respectively). Youth unemployment and vulnerability to climate change remain key challenges.

Sources: indexmundi, UNDP, UNICEF, World Bank
*The percentage of the population living below the national poverty line.

Future ready secondary school scholarships
Canada Mathare Education Trust (CMETrust)


The five-year project aims to provide 25 high potential young people (aged 13 to 20), living in the Mathare slum in Nairobi, with a secondary education and the personal development and vocational skills to contribute meaningfully to society.

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Improving livelihoods
The Haller Foundation


The project aims to support two rural farming communities, situated in a sub-district of Kisauni District, Mombasa.

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Ikinu Forest Garden project
Trees for the future


The project led by Trees for the Future aims to permanently lift 325 small-scale dairy farmers out of poverty in Ikinu, Kenya, through more sustainable farming practices.

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