Country infoJordan

Population: 6.3 million (2012)
Per Capita Income: USD 4,720/year (2012)
Poverty rate*: 13% (2008)
Literacy rate: 93% (2010)
Human Development Index: 100th out of 187 countries (2012)


Jordan has achieved remarkable successes in areas such as education, health, infrastructure, information technology, industry and tourism. In terms of human development, Jordan is above average in relation to middle-income countries. It ensures a high level of gender parity in access to basic public services and has achieved universal primary education. Significant challenges still impede progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, as a growing population exerts increasing demand on both health and education services. The country also suffers from limited natural resources and agricultural land. Water is especially scarce, with Jordan ranking as the world’s fourth poorest country in terms of water resources.

Sources: indexmundi, UNDP, UNICEF, World Bank
*The percentage of the population living below the national poverty line.

Archived project
Birds of peace
University of Lausanne


The innovative project aimed to improve food security and protect the environment by increasing crop yields through the use of barn owls, instead of pesticides, as pest control agents against rodents.

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