21 July 2016
Four new projects validated in June 2016


The Addax and Oryx Foundation granted funding for four new projects at its June Board meeting.


The French association FERT will receive funding to rehabilitate and equip the Amboaromainty Agricultural College in the Alaotra Mangoro region of Madagascar, in order for it to become fully operational. (For more information click here)


ICEP, an Austrian NGO, will receive funding to enable 1,200 small-scale farmer families from vulnerable rural communities in the Budaka District of Uganda to achieve sustainable livelihoods. (For more information click here)


The NGO ADPP, based in Guinea-Bissau, will receive funding to permit 10 students to complete the three-year pre-service training at ADPP’s government-accredited Teacher Training Centre in Bachil, Cacheu region. (For more information click here)


The British charity MondoChallenge Foundation will receive funding for a project in Moshi and Arusha, Tanzania, aiming to enable 150 widows affected by HIV, and their families, to become self-sufficient by giving them the skills and the means to run a sustainable business. (For more information click here)

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