07 September 2011
Four new projects in July


The Foundation's Board approved four new projects in July, two with previously-funded organisations and two with new entities: with the Sahara Conservation Fund to continue conservation and community awareness programmes; with Waterford Kamhlaba College in Swaziland to provide International Baccalaureat bursaries to seven new and talented students from underprivileged backgrounds; with Inter Aide to reduce infant mortality in Malawi; and with Initiative Développement (from January 2012) to improve water management skills in Benin.


This followed the validation in January of a new solar energy project for a hospital in Benin with Ingénieurs et Architectes Solidaires (IAS) and the extension of support to the Mossy Foot Treatment and Prevention Association in Ethiopia, to extend micro-credit loans to patients for Mossy Foot disease. The Foundation continues to finance a shoe-making project for Mossy Foot patients.

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