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FEB (Egypt) - End of year results

A prevention campaign took place in the north-east of Asyut last November. 11 trained health workers conducted visits and evaluations in 390 families (2,340 inhabitants). 

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MFTPA (Ethiopia) - Microcredits for 231 women

Since the beginning of the project in September 2009, 231 women were selected for the microcredit programme.

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3 new projects!

On December 10, 2009 the Foundation's Board approved three additional projects.

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Maison de Fati (Burkina Faso) - new maxillofacial surgical mission

A new maxillofacial surgical mission was conducted at "Maison de Fati" in November 2009. 

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AMREF (Ethiopia) - Training of mother coordinators

During the year, 240 mother coordinators from six districts followed refresher training workshops. 

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TIM-SFV (Madagascar) – Halfway through the project

During the second phase of the project, 2 training sessions took place in Andilamena and Moramanga. 

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Mercy Ships (Sierra Leone) - News from Aberdeen West African Fistula Centre (AWAFC)

During the first six months of the project a total of 201 surgeries and 210 surgical procedures were performed for women suffering from childbirth-related injuries. 

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Mercy Ships (Sierra Leone) - News from the Outpatient Clinic for Children

During the first six months of the project 2,729 consultations were conducted for children 12 years and under, providing diagnosis and treatment of potentially life-threatening diseases such as malaria, anaemia, pneumonia, diarrheal disease and typhoid fever. 

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IRHA (Ghana) - Orange trees and vegetables

Within the framework of the plantation of an orchard, two horticulturists from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) have been brought in to help and advise the committee and supervise the activity.

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GREF (Morocco) - Early childhood education & school libraries

Significant demand led 13 pre-school educators in 7 towns of Ouarzazate to attend the early childhood training session. 

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Waterford School Trust (Swaziland) - End of the school year

This year, in addition to their academic pursuit and successes, the students at Waterford Kamhlaba continued to devote a great deal of their time and energy to Community Service work. 

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IRHA (Ghana) - Rainwater harvesting system in primary school

The installation of the rainwater harvesting system has started in the Anwiankwanta village primary school. 

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FEB (Egypt) - One year later...

Since the beginning of the partnership, one year ago, 89 burned children were provided with surgery (126 operations) and were admitted to the hospital during 552 days in total. 

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5 new projects!

On July 28, 2009, the Foundation's Board approved five additional projects (totalling 18 to date) in Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco and Uganda.

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TIM-SFV (Madagascar) - Follow-up in 5 villages

Following the introduction of the Watalys device, TIM-SFV went back to 5 villages in the Alaotra region in May to follow-up on the project. 

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FXB (Uganda) - Evolution of the village

Since its creation in July 2008, the FXB-Village model in Mirambi supports 697 people.

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RTP (Benin) - Renewed partnership

Based on the good results achieved during this past year, the Foundation is happy to announce that it has renewed its partnership with RTP for an additional two years.

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SOL-GH (Ghana) : Fresh news

Robert Bulstra brought back fresh news from his recent trip to Ghana. "The progress of the family units is fantastic."

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TIM-SFV (Madagascar) - Drinking water in 8 villages

Among the 15 villages supported by the Foundation, 8 of them (in the districts of Amparafaravola and Anosibe an'Ala) have been supplied with the necessary water purification equipment by TIM-SFV.

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2 new projects!

2 new partnerships were approved by the Foundation's Board of March 11, 2009: one with IRHA on a water related project in Ghana, and one with IAS on a solar energy project in Togo. In addition to this, our initial partnership with RTP in Benin was renewed for two additional years.

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RTP (Benin) - Updates from July to December 2008

From July to December 2008, RTP reached 22,700 children and youth of which 45% were females, in Kpomasse Refugee Camp and the surrounding communities (Tori, Allada, Abomey, Calavi, Ze and Ouidah) with the active involvement and support of 533 coaches, teachers and coach trainers.

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PSP (Mali) - Construction of a large diameter water well

The construction of the large diameter water well is almost completed. Men, women and youth actively contributed to the manufacture and watering of the cement bricks. 

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PSP (Mali) - Electricity at the maternity

PSP is pursuing the construction work in Meridiela. In December 2008, the maternity ward was equipped with solar electric installations, allowing the premises to be illuminated at night.  

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4 new projects!

On January 8, 2009, the Foundation's Board began the year by approving four additional projects (totalling 13 to date) in Ghana, Mali, Sierra Leone and Swaziland.

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FEB (Egypt) - End of construction work

The renovations on the medical centre's 6th floor were completed in December 2008.