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PSP (Mali) - Beginning of rehabilitation works in Meridiela

In November 2008, PSP and its local partner Ji Duma (NGO), started the first rehabilitation works in the Meridiela village (2,520 residents). Villagers are actively implicated in the refurbishments made in the school and maternity premises.

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Humagora forum in Geneva

An article was published on November 5, 2008 in Charity, BILAN magazine's supplement, about the Foundation's partnership with FXB International on the "FXB Village" project in Uganda.

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FEB - News from Egypt!

In July and August, 45 children underwent operations in the medical centre where construction of a 6th floor is underway: masonry work is now completed.

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SCF (Niger) - Game guards amongst local population

SCF is aware that the success of conservation initiatives relies on the integration of local people. The Sahelo-Saharan antelopes programme in Niger has, since its inception, adopted a systemic and integrated approach to enhance wildlife conservation in the Termit/Tin Toumma area. 

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RTP (Benin) - 26,700 additional children involved

From January to June 2008, approximately 26,700 children and youth were reached, as compared to 26,000 that were projected for the whole of 2008.

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FEB (Egypt) - New car purchased

A car was purchased for the Burn Patients Centre of Asyut. Medical staff and other members of the Program for Burn Patients in Asyut use the car for various missions in order to help patients and inhabitants living in this region.

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RTP (Benin) - 4 sport and play festivals

Recently four sport and play festivals were organized within the Right to Play program for two School Sport Association National Championships.