Support to young AIDS victims


The Gede Foundation’s five-year project aims to provide 105 children of the federal capital of Abuja, with a secondary school education and 300 additional children with vocational training, with particular support for orphans, victims of AIDS and other diseases. The project includes financial support for schooling and uniforms, food supplements for families, psychosocial support and healthcare. The vocational training is held over one year and includes training in the fields of catering, welding/ironworks, vehicle repair, carpentry, plumbing, and tailoring.


The NGO:
Founded in 2002, the Gede Foundation is an American organisation that works closely with national and international agencies, as well as with the Government. It has been developing numerous programs in Nigeria for over ten years, primarily focused on the fight against AIDS and assistance to AIDS victims.


January 2012 - December 2016

Federal capital of Abuja

With whom
Gede Foundation