Making electronic waste recycling safer

The project aims to set up a model electronic waste recycling facility at the Agbogbloshie scrap metal site in the Ghanaian capital, Accra. The initiative will protect the livelihoods of copper wire recyclers, while improving the health, safety and environmental conditions for themselves, market workers and local communities. The project aims to move 200 wire recyclers at the site from burning to stripping wires, in order to eliminate the exposure to toxic substances and improve overall ambient air quality, while maintaining their revenues. The initiative builds on a pilot phase implemented from January to September 2014, which established a basic electronic waste recycling facility at the site and proved the economic viability for recyclers if they stop burning wires. The recyclers are all members of the Greater Accra Scrap Dealers Association (GASDA), a local project partner, who will employ 20 of the recyclers to run the model facility. The project, which ultimately aims to develop the site into a knowledge centre for the country, includes formalising the sector with the Ghanaian government. This should enable it to expand and the model to be replicated in the future.


The NGO:
Pure Earth is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to developing and implementing solutions for pollution-related problems in middle and low-income countries, particularly in locations where there is a direct effect on human health. In Ghana, Pure Earth partners locally with the Greater Accra Scrap Dealers Association (GASDA), an umbrella organisation made up of people involved in the scrap business in the Greater Accra region, and with Green Advocacy Ghana, an organisation that aims to uphold and enhance the sustainability and integrity of Ghana’s environment.


October 2014 – December 2015

Agbogbloshie scrap metal site, Accra

With whom
Pure Earth



11 November 2015
Making electronic waste recycling safer through alternative technology

Pure Earth (ex-Blacksmith Institute) submitted in September 2015 its report on the first year of its electronic waste recycling project at the Agbogbloshie scrap metal site in the Ghanaian capital Accra.

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11 December 2014
Three new projects approved in September 2014

The Addax and Oryx Foundation granted funding to three new projects at its September Board meeting.

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